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    Career Counseling and Assessment Services

    Career counseling and assessment involves taking a look at potential careers or your present career to see if it’s the right fit for you.  Most people will spend about 80,000 hours at work during their lives, so it’s important to make the right choice. 

    Career counseling and assessment is helpful for:

    Choosing a Career – if you are heading off to college, career counseling and assessment can help you to choose the career path that best fits with your interests, skills, values, and dreams.  With education costs rising, most people cannot afford the extra time and money involved in changing majors many times or getting a degree that turns out to be the wrong choice.  A career assessment made in high school or early college can save time and money and help you choose the career that's right for you.

    Making a Career Change – if you are feeling burned out or dissatisfied with your job, reentering the workforce after a long break, or lacking fulfillment in your present career, it may be time for a change.  Career assessment and counseling can help you explore careers that are a good fit for your present skills or help you consider a new direction. 

    Post-Military Career Planning – Making the shift to civilian life may require some reflection on how your skills and interests fit with the civilian world of work. 

    Leisure Counseling – Do you struggle with how to spend leisure time?  Leisure counseling can help you identify leisure activities that fit with your interests and allow you to express needs that are not fulfilled through your work life.

    Preretirement or Retirement Counseling can help you negotiate the shift in identity that occurs when you retire from a longstanding career.  Planning for leisure and exploring how to make the most of your retirement.  Note:  I do not provide financial planning services.